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Summer Reading Program


The program runs from June 4th to July 31st this year. We are offering programs for ALL ages! Please check out June and July calendars for events, dates and times. We are excited to “go on an adventure” with you!

Kids reading to kids! For ages 3 to 10 for Buddies, and ages 11 to 17 for Mentors. Ask about this great program at the library. You can read more about this on our Children’s Programs page too.

Each week we randomly select a reader of the week from the participants for the week. Each time you come in to the library you can enter your name in the drawing. Each winner is interviewed for the Steamboat Pilot and receives a t-shirt, a book, and bag of prizes. Keep an eye on the “News in Brief” section of the newspaper to read these biographies. Check out our Reader of the Week winners!