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The library accepts donations of books that we enjoy sharing with patrons and the community, please call us to set-up a time to drop them off. Please make sure that the books are in good condition and that you would want to read books of the same condition. If you think they are not in good condition please recycle the books.
If you would like to help support our programs, we would gratefully accept a variety of prizes that will be given to our Summer Reading participants (some ideas include: books, kids’ coloring books, non-perishable snacks, craft items, handmade gifts, and coffee mugs).
The library has a beautiful glass display case that we enjoy showcasing different collections from our friends and patrons, some of the collections we have had in the past are tea cups/kettles, bookmarks, rocks & gems, pocket watches, knives, telescopes, and more. If you have a collection to share we would love to “host†you. We will take very good care of your collection and you can tell us how long you would like it to be on loan.