Summer Reading Program

Every June and July

a. Sign up information: Sign-up for Summer Reading starts on Tuesday, June 1st. When you come into the library to register you will fill out a registration form that will be shared by displaying them on the library’s walls. You will also receive a themed bag with reading logs, bookmarks, stickers, activities and more.
b. Theme for 2021: “Tales & Tails”
c. Reading Logs “how to”: The library will supply you with reading logs when you come in to sign-up for summer reading. Keep track of your reading and for every 5 books or 30 minutes of reading, you will get to pick a prize out of our treasure box
d. Readers of the Week: Every summer the library has a box for you to put your name in every time you visit the library. Every Friday, we pick the Reader of the Week, 8 readers are picked throughout the program to be interviewed with a picture and put in the Steamboat Pilot as well as displayed in the library. The reader gets a bag of prizes, a t-shirt, water bottle and a special book that go with the Summer Reading theme.
e. End of Summer Reading Party (every August): The end of Summer Reading part is a blast! It includes food, games, prizes, magic shows, and a piñata. It is usually held in August.
f. Annual Bern F. Giannini Young Reader Award: Every year the librarians choose 3-5 children from the ages of 7-13 to be chosen for this award. The children are chosen according to their love of reading. The children choose their favorite book that has impacted their life and they interview with a lady, each child gets either a $25 or $50 gift certificate to Off the Beaten Path bookstore in Steamboat.
g. Bradley’s Book Buddies: teen mentors to meet with younger children who expressed an interest in reading, writing or branching out as young individuals.