Art of Inspiration

Program Run by Abby Cadenhead

This is a program for kids to enjoy and share art and writing. All ages are welcome to participate.  To start, I will be mailing a packet out to library patron kids. Anyone interested in participating can pick up packets in front of the library, or request to be mailed the packets every two weeks.

Story Prompt Picture: Every two weeks, a new image will be posted to the Hayden Library Website on this page and the library Facebook page. Kids can use this picture as inspiration to write a short, one- to two-page story. These pictures will usually be drawn by me, but kids are free to submit their own drawings to be the inspiration for the next two weeks.

Weekly Coloring Pages: Every week, I will post a coloring page that will also be available in front of the library. As with the story of the week, kids are welcome to write and submit short stories featuring the creature or object in the coloring page. As with the Picture of the Week, kids are welcome to submit their own drawings to be used as coloring pages.

Illustrated Stories: Kids can request that I illustrate a short (one to two full pages) story.

I will assume all art and writing shared with me is to be kept private unless I am directly told that you would like your art or your child’s art shared publicly on the Hayden Library website and Facebook page. To share your art and writing with me, send an email to or mail to PO Box 1781, Hayden, CO 81639. You are welcome to do both the picture of the week and the weekly coloring pages or choose just one to participate with.

Coloring Page (May 11 – June 11)
Weekly Coloring Page Submissions
illustration prompt for the Art of Inspiration
Story Prompt Picture (May 11 – June 11)